Solo exhibiton : Halka Art gallery Istanbul

Solo art exhibition

Halka art project is hosting Indian artist mukundoom this September in halka art project gallery space. The exhibition is entitled “Ruhlar-Hanı” and will be taking place between 

13-29 September. The gallery space is open everyday except Sundays between 12.00 – 19:00.

mukundoom who calls himself as a social artist explains the exhibiton concept as follows: 

“Han” is a shelter for travelers to socialize, a crossroad for “ruhlar” or spirits. 

I am a translator, my passion is to sense energies from these surroundings and translate them through a medium like ink, this is my dexterity.

I am a traveler, I love traveling to these “Han’s” , meet different people and sketch in their presence.

This is a stage of life where my awareness is taking me on a spiritual path and the connection between this spiritual and the the real world are my sketches.

Expression is all about freedom, i want to achieve inner peace through sketching and my sub conscious mind is my tool.

Creating lines which question the society, sometimes asking questions about existence and life, but mostly expressing the freedom and love that my inner child wants to receive and give back to this universe.

Currently it helps to make people spiritually aware and to rekindle their social life. 

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