” Surrender to the creativity, the flow, the process and witness yourself being the art ”

The track was composed during the lockdown in 2020, as a call to the beauty that lies within each of us during times of chaos. Inspired by raag des, the sound invokes the feeling of monsoon and the blossoming it brings along with it.

The visual art is an ode to this composition, it hides nothing and is a honest take on what is art. Artist here has tried to include the process in its nakedness along with snippets of 2D animation so that the viewers can witness the beauty in its creation. To surrender is to be. In gratitude to this collaboration and the art that has manifested through us.


Visual artist: Sochalaya

Concept and Sitar: Iti (Twisha Gangar)

Flute: Kartikeya Vashist

Keys and arrangement: Jerry. S. Vincent

Spotify link to the track

Selected artworks made for Surrender
Tools, toys and the wandering mind.
Trinity. Inset poem by Iti (Twisha Ganger)
Dance of confluence
Evoking the environment
The environment equally responds with a fluttering feeling within the artists through a language unspoken. What can the artist do but surrender…