Soch means thought, alaya means abode, Soch+Alaya an abode of thoughts.  It also stands for toilet, another place where ideas and thoughts are born.
As an observer one can choose to cut off from the external surrounding and move into a space within oneself. There the reality has abstract limits . Or they can choose to cut off from themselves and move into the external reality where there are tangible tactile boundaries. Between the two realities exists a space where there are no limits or boundaries, one can enter this knowingly or unknowingly .
I call this sentient space as sochalaya. One always has the choice of witnessing, questioning and channelling, all we need to do is to take the step. Does not matter who you are, “ wise or otherwise.”
As we grew up we all have experienced this space, where we are physically sitting with our eyes open and staring at something or someone, but mentally we are somewhere else in some other reality/ world/ universe. Sochalaya, our very own abode of thoughts that we have always been visiting since the day we opened our eyes. As a baby, as an adolescent, as an adult we have been and will forever be with our alive and spirited space sochalaya, that which is not. 
Art of unconditioing as a methodology
Art of Unconditioning (AOU)  is a method of using art as a medium to unwind and then to rejuvenate the creative mind and being actively mindful. It is a method of using art free draw, dance, sing, write etc for introspection and self exploration.
The process focuses on bringing balance to the two halves of the brain. Each half of the brain has control over our masculine and feminine side. One focusing on the reasoning and the other the free dreaming. To be able to come up with design which also has a heart and brain one needs to have both the halves participating in unison during the process of manifestation.
Asemic writing, ambidextrous sketching, eccentric perspective and projection, optical illusions are few techniques used as a part of the methodology.



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Our body is capable of opening energy paths and to connect our inner conscience with the cosmos. Music, dance, architecture and all forms of art are capable of aiding this union. I believe that my art is surreal and creates optical illusions.  They encourage the unmanifested energy in the viewer to become one with the manifested cosmos in many different ways . It begins with the viewer asking questions related to the art and seeking for answers from within.
– Mukund iyer
Artist I Bio architect I Illustrator I Concept Artist