Ruhlar hani : exhibition spirit

Preparing sketchbooks for aspiring social artists 

Exhibits 🙂
Sketches from Brazil India and Turkey. The highlight was sketches made in turkey on occasions like raki ceremony, workshop on gezi activities, natural building workshop, office of immigration police, two close friends having traditional turkish breakfast, while a friend reads my turkish coffee fortune and other special occasions. 

Opening night: Talk and activity
Talk was focused on feeling the energy around us in people in the space in the nature  and how we all have an artist inside us. All we need to do is try to express.


We are inviting you to experience gift economy, to allow people to be there for each other and to create a sense of community. And to build the gift economy.
A gift economy as we define  is where people give something without the expectation of anything in return. People share their services and help as a gift.

The sketches which are not framed and hung on the wall and the sketchbook both are open for gift economy. These sketches were made in India and Brazil. You can choose the one, which inspires you and, you can leave your support how much ever you feel in “sukran kutusu” (thanksgiving box).
Wish you full of gifts 
Thank you


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