Exhibitions and Experience


2023: Sochalaya’s Art of unconditioning, Cafe Raasa: Panjim, Goa, India

2022: ” My own Lela” Solo exhibition Art village Gallery: Karjat, India

2022: ” My own Lela” Solo exhibition Soho house: Mumbai, India

2021: Optikal asylum: Curated mixed exhibition: Goa, india

2021: Mojigao art festival: Mixed exhibition: Goa, India

2021: Artjuna art festival: Mixed exhibition: Goa, India

2018: “Art of unconditioning” Alliance Francaise Ahmedabad , Solo exhibition: Ahmedabad, India

2018: “Art of unconditioning” LSX Dhaal ni pol Architectural heritage festival, Solo exhibition: Ahmedabad, India

2017:Curated artist chosen for Road Trip Vietnam Project : Mixed Exhibition:Vietnam, Hanoi, Sapa, Hoian

2016 NH7 Weekender Periphery Travelling Art Exhibition- India, Shillong/ Hyderabad/ Pune/ Kolkata/ Puducherry/  Mysore/  Nagpur and Jaipur. 

2016  Curated participant in Taxi Fabric Workshop- India, Mumbai 

2016: Junta Affordable art Festival, Mixed exhibition- Bonobo, Mumbai, India

2016: “ 2 weeks with 200 women and the little yellow men” Mixed exhibition- Kohinoor     continental, Mumbai, India

2016 Mixed exhibition in Lil Flea – India, Mumbai

2016 Mixed Exhibition in Celebrate Bandra Times Festival- India, Mumbai

2016 Mixed exhibition in Kistch Mandi- India, Mumbai

2015: Mixed art exhibition “ Glimpses of India” – USA, San Francisco, The Indian Classical     Music and Arts Foundation (ICMA Foundation)

2015: “2 weeks with 200 women and the little yellow men” solo exhibition-  Nis art gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2015: Mixed exhibition ,Psychedelic art festival – Turkey,Istanbul, Tunnel sahne

2014: Exhibition in Avanos, community art festival- Turkey, Cappadocia

2014: Wine bottle art project- Turkey, Istanbul

2014: Exhibition in Gundonumu farm – Turkey, Seliveri

2014: Aponia art exhibit- Turkey, Istanbul, Aponia store

2014: Commissioned personal portraits – Brazil/ Portugal/ USA

2013: Loco- motive Hand stitched sketchbook project – India, Mumbai, Kerala

2013: Social Art mela exhibit- India , Mumbai

2013: Aponia art exhibit – Turkey , Istanbul, Aponia store

2013: Hera cafe art exhibition- Turkey, Istanbul , Hera Cafe

2013: Ruhlar hani art exhibition- Turkey, Istanbul , Halka art gallery

Illustrations, graphics and murals

2022: Surrender Animated video for music track: India

2021: On friendship, philosophy and bio architecture, Book illustrations: Mumbai, India

2020: Ladyland Vr game, Concept artist, Storyboarding, character designer, Space visualiser: Goa, India

2020: Incense works: Illustrated manual: Goa, India

2019:Unborder festival: Illustrated Narrative: India

2018: Alice project: The blind chic: Kids book Illustration: Bali, Indonesia

2018: Alice project: The two bottles: Kids book Illustration: Bali, Indonesia

2018: Better work together, Book Illustration and cover: Newzeland, Brazil

2018: LSX Dhaal ni pol Architecture heritage festival, Wall Mural: Ahmedabad, India

2018: Sacred games II, Netflix series: Illustration: Mumbai, India

2017: Sunshine renewables Logo design: Mumbai, India

2017:Anadolu Hayat Okulu Logo design: Turkey

2016 Written and illustrated  a  manual for maintaining Hyper adobe mud domes

2015: Illustrated and designed “ Masal terapi” book. Dogan Novus publication, Author Judith Liberman

2013: Wall art project for Game on- India, Udaipur

2012: Wall art Illhabella- Brazil, Illhabella

2012: Brazil gift economy fund raising- India, Mumbai

2011: Wall art for Art escape resort – India, Goa

2010: Wall art for call center – India, Mumbai

Workshops and Curated festivals

2022: Somras Wellness Festival, Fifteenn days curated festival, Woods at Sasan: Gir forest, Gujrat, India

2022: Sahasea Gathering, Four day curated festival: Goa, India

2022: Art of unconditioning & Intermodal expressive art therapy workshop for Orange lane team: Karjat, India

2022: Intermodal expressive art therapy workshops, Anahata retreat: Goa, India

2021: Art of unconditioning retreats: Goa, India

2019: Bohemian pilgrims journey included Intuitive natural building workshop, Art of unconditioning workshop: Istanbul, Imbroz Island, Cappadocia, Konya, Turkey

2019: Introduction to hyper adobe workshop, Agastya school: Erode, India

2019: Intuitive natural Building workshop,Round stone farms: Kodaikanal, India

2019: Bohemian pilgrim, summer school workshop: Nagaland, India

2019: Art of unconditioning workshop for Great african caravan: Cairo, Egypt

2018: Art of unconditioning workshop, LSX Dhaalni pol Architectural heritage festival: Ahmedabad, India

2018: Co facilitator Hyper adobe Natural building workshop: Manali, India

2018: Art of unconditioning workshop for corporate training, Unived Ltd, Art village: Karjat, India

2018: Intuitive Natural Building workshop, Prithwe: Bhor, India

2018: Co- Hosting workshop on Introduction to The traditional Science of Vaastu Shaastra: Nilgiri, India

2017: Art of unconditioning for Women in architecture, Teacher Training workshop Council of Architecture: Rizvi College of architecture, Mumbai, India

2017: Art of unconditioning, Intuitive art therapy workshop for parents, Art village: Karjat, India

2017: Art of unconditioning workshop for Vivekananda Global University: Jaipur, India

2017: Facilitator for “Art of Unconditioning”workshop Design perspective 2017 – India, Chennai/ Nagpur/ Raipur/ Chandigarh/ Bangalore/ Pune/ Kolkata/ Indore/ Ahmedabad/ Hyderabad/ Jaipur

2017: Facilitating Intuitive Natural Building workshop, Topinak : Edirne, Turkey

2017: Co- Facilitating Introduction to Bamboo Construction: Neral, India

2016: Co- Facilitating Intuitive Natural Building workshop : Hyperadobe 

2015: Co-Facilitating “Earth and Art” workshop for natural finishes and sculpting. Istanbul , Turkey

2015: Co-Facilitating International workshop on Intuitive Natural Building. Canakkale,Turkey

2012/13/14 : Co- Facilitating Natural building workshops for students  of Architecture, India

2013: Co-Facilitating International workshop on Intuitive Natural Building. Udaipur, India

2013: Facilitating Ubuntu community building workshop, Istanbul Turkey

2013: Co-Facilitating International workshop on Intuitive Natural Building. Canakkale, Turkey

Architecture     www.obaruhu.org

*2019: Slowness Himalaya farm: Master planning and design consultant: Uttarakhand, India 

2019: Shushruts house: Interior design: Andheri, Mumbai, India

2019: Mangalore house: Interior design: Andheri, Mumbai, India

2018: Gautams home: Interior design: Adelaide, Australia

*2018: Damantra: Ashram: Mulshi, India

*2017: Building Topinak Temple, Dome for shamanic rituals, Hyper adobe: Kesan, Edirne, Turkey

2016-2019:  Asst. Professor in Rizvi College of architecture : Engaging students in Intuitive natural building and guiding final year thesis students

*2016: An artist residency space in an alternative school for autistic kids, Cappadocia, Turkey 

( Hyper adobe dome and mongolian yurts)

*2015: Mongolian Yurts for Little prince academy: Goreme, Cappadokia, Turkey

*2015: Pilot project ,Topak Hyper adobe Dome Little prince academy: Goreme, Cappadokia, Turkey

*2015: Yenikoy open Kitchen and Food storage: Byramic, Cannakale, Turkey

*2014: Mongolian Yurt for art therapy: Datca, Turkey

*2014: Urban Ashram Open kitchen: Pune, Maharashtra, India

*2013- Community Kitchen: Byramic, Cannakale, Turkey

*2013- Yenikoy Mustafas House : Byramic, Cannakale, Turkey

2013- Present day : Co- founded “Obaruhu” a community that focuses on community oriented and participatory Bio architecture and art. Based in Turkey, two nomadic architects travelling, practicing  and propagating intuitive natural building and social art.  www.obaruhu.org

*2012: Using natural building as me medium of exchange to travel in brazil

  • Building warehouse for Warru community: Piracaia, Sao Paulo
  • Volunteering in TIBA institute building Peter Ven Lengen’s Adobe house, Rio
  • Building a kids play area with natural materials in Terra Una eco village, Minas Gerais

2012: Design consultant for Ratan Batliboi For Light of life Trust Orphanage and Old age home: Karjat, Maharashtra, India

2012: Cob house in Kamshet: Kamshet, Maharashtra, India

2011: Co- founded “Put your hands together” an architectural community which focuses mainly on Natural building in India and neighboring countries www.pyht.org

*2011- Hands on participation in Building the Bamboo model house with Ar. Nripal Adhikari: Tingtibi, Bhutan

2010-2011: Part time Teaching  in Rizvi college of Architecture and Lokmanya Tilak college of architecture, Mumbai India. Subject Creative Studio: Learning design through Play

2011: Worked for studio 8:23 Graphic designing and Architecture , Mumbai India

2011: Worked with Ar. Charles Correa, Mumbai India

2010: Internship with Design Research Cell, Ar. Eugene Pandala, Kerala India

* NOTE: All Natural Building projects have been community participatory.