Masal Terapi

Author: Judith Liberman   
Designed and Illustrated by Mukund IyerFinally its out my first Illustrated book written by my dear sister Judith. The book is called ” Masal Terapi”  ( story therapy) and it has stories collected from middle east and some from other parts of the world.

Cover page of Masal terapi

Each story is followed by some insights,  some questions that you can try and answer by yourself in your personal journal, some practice that you start following and some quotes related to the story. She has defined this book as a wise teacher you go to when you have a question.

As i started my process of making illustrations for the stories, i realised that its not just some sketch that i am making but its more about what kind of visual story do i want the reader to see. It gave me a wider understanding of what illustrations are capable of and how it can change the entire experience of the story.

This entire book was made on gift culture and i thank Judith for giving me this amazing experience.
Originally written in english eventually was translated in turkish.  Published in turkey by Dogan Novus publishing house, Istanbul. She is looking for a publishing house to print it in english.

Here are few of the illustrations from the book.
The tree with two branches
The university of life
The test
The day when mojud went mad
You are right
Joe’s new boat
The gazelle and the ant
Its really out there 🙂

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