Trendsetter magazine interview

My interview in Trendsetter magazine , August 2014 issue, Istanbul
English translation of the interview
Its called ” Turkish coffee“It represents thousands of eyes that have been observing the passage of culture and civilizations over the years. Turkish coffee is placed within a crescent moon that holds the story of istanbuls past, present and future. Lost in the coffee stain is the unheard voices of the spirits that walked and will walk over her.

Which parts of İstanbul is your favourites?
I love Isteklal street for it represents the melting pot and the order in chaos of the city in a smaller scale.

Where in İstanbul do you feel good and feel like you belong there and why?
The humid sea makes me feel at home, walking along the sea eating misir (corn) satisfies all my senses. And the other place i love is being with mother’s of my friends who take such good care as the land is described ” Anadolu ”

What do you see when you look at İstanbul? Where do you see the city from?
When i see the city from a foreign artist point of view I see stories of creative revolution.

How would you describe İstanbul and how and with whom do you experience the city?
I travel istanbul with the curiosity of a child, to me it represents the quote
” The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.” – Heraclitus

What are the things you like and don’t like about İstanbul?

I love cig Kofte and i don’t like streets where i don’t get cig kofte practically nowhere

Thank you so much Seda Meşeli Allard and ilknur editor of trendsetter magazine


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