“2 WEEKS WITH 200 WOMEN”, is my personal interactions with cows. as a volunteer in an organic dairy farm last year I had the joy of interacting with these beautiful women through their ups and downs.I always believed that cows represent abundance, they are the givers and hence represent mother’s energy. Every evening after the days work i would sketch and write down one experience or sub conscious interaction i had on that particular day. My mind was a blank slate when i was making these sketches. After one year when i notice them i am discovering messages hidden between my lines. Women are the wise carrier of ethereal nectar gifted to them by the moon , she is the nature herself selfless and ever giving . The little yellow men were born out of desire that exists in each and every moment. As little as they are, they make life worth it, they are the god of small things, they are the joy that exists in every moment. These men are the carriers of light  playful and carefree.They milk the women to gain their spiritual knowledge through many radical and unorthodox rituals. The coming together of the two is very innocently controversial because one is forever constant and the other ever changing. Their psychic union gives birth to that which is not.

As an observer one can choose to cut off from the external surrounding and move into a space within oneself. There the reality has abstract limits . Or they can choose to cut off from themselves and move into the external reality where there are psychological boundaries. Between the two realities exists a space where there are no limits or boundaries, one can enter this knowingly or unknowingly . I call this sentient space as sochalaya. One always has the choice of witnessing, questioning and channelling, all we need to do is to take the step.Does not matter who you are, “ wise or otherwise.”

As we grew up we all have experienced this space, where we are physically sitting with our eyes open and staring at something or someone, but mentally we are somewhere else in some other reality/ world/ universe. Yes! that is sochalaya, our very own abode of thoughts that we have always been visiting since the day we opened our eyes. As a baby, as an adolescent, as an adult we have been and will forever be with our alive and spirited space sochalaya, that which is not.
By profession Bio architect and by passion a social artist.Indian born and very keen on learning from different cultures and making my own. I love sketching with pen and ink and i do this by sensing energies both inside and outside.Our body is capable of opening energy paths and to connect our inner conscience with the cosmos. Music,dance, architecture and art are all capable of aiding this union. I believe that my sketches encourages the “ unmanifested “ energy in the viewer to become one with the manifested cosmos.It begins with the viewer asking questions related to the art and seeking for answers from within.

Location: Nis art gallery, 2nd- 9th July 2015
Fırın sok. No : 11/1 Teşvikiye Şişli İstanbul
Tel : 0212 232 25 82-86


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