2 weeks with 200 women and the little yellow men


“2 WEEKS WITH 200 WOMEN”, is my personal interactions with cows. as a volunteer in an organic dairy farm last year I had the joy of interacting with these beautiful women through their ups and downs.I always believed that cows represent abundance, they are the givers and hence represent mother’s energy. Every evening after the days work i would sketch and write down one experience or sub conscious interaction i had on that particular day. My mind was a blank slate when i was making these sketches.

After one year when i notice them i am discovering messages hidden between my lines. Women are the wise car- rier of ethereal nectar gifted to them by the moon , she is the nature herself selfless and ever giving . The little yellow men were born out of desire that exists in each and every moment. As little as they are, they make life worth it, they are the god of small things, they are the joy that exists in every moment. These men are the carriers of light playful and carefree.They milk the women to gain their spiritual knowledge through many radical and unorthodox rituals. The coming together of the two is very innocently controversial be- cause one is forever constant and the other ever changing. Their psychic union gives birth to that which is not.

Love mukundoom

3. Where it all began wild kamadhenu

Where it all began: Wild Kaamadhenu

17.Story of the elephant tortoise and the little yellow men

The story of elephant tortoise and the little yellow men



19.down the rabbit hole yolda magazine

Down the rabbit hole

20.Peace Parasite copy

Peace Parasite

23.The big little yellow man

The big little yellow man

24.Yellow masters march copy

March of the yellow masters

25. Evrem , the holy calf and the matchstick man copy

Evrem, the holy calf and the matchstick man

26.Ray of hope final

Ray of hope

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